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17 April 2009

Weekends coming

Ha-Lay-Luh-Yah! This week has been a struggle. Its not so much that work was bad or that I had a lot going on, it's just that I am more burnt out more than ever before. I need a vacation. Kelly has sweetly offered up her mompmom's place in Destin for Memorial Day so I have that to look forward to but I feel like Memorial Day is never going to come. Also I have had so many pet sits lately that I need a break!!! For real. This weekend I get an almost break, yet I have one sit in the middle of the day Saturday. Perfect.. because that now means I can't travel anywhere. I actually I think I am going to get that done early and just cruise. I need some away time from life. And of course I have no sits Sunday, yet the weather people are predicting shit weather. WHYYYYYYYY!!!! Let me go somewhere, please! My course of action this weekend is to drive around and take pictures. Of what no idea but I do know that I am single and have no kids which should mean that I have no responsibilities. Unfortunately my life is filled with responsibilities. Those responsibilities are about to grow to because I just got a pre-qual letter and am looking for houses- woohoo!! My dream house is picture below. Speaking of dream houses I found my ideal one in Cabbagetown that was built in the 1890's, super cute with 13 foot ceilings. Now if someone wants to donate the additional $45K I need in order to come back down to the max price I plan on spending than I can put an offer on the bad boy tomorrow. Too bad that is just my dream and not actually reality. Well it would be reality if I won the lottery.

Speaking of the lottery, did I ever tell you I was lactose intolerant growing up. Perhaps I didn't since people shun the lactose intolerant. I also shun the lactose intolerant because I am not longer lactose intolerant. I decide that perhaps I never was, but my mom, in a mission to discredit me to all the other kindergartens, made up this cockamamie "allergy" so that I would have to go to the lunch ladies in order to get my special milk at snack and lunch times. Oh that's right; I was friends with lunch ladies Donna, Wanda, and Doris. I had to, in order for me to get my "special" milk. Oh well, at least I got to eat honey and peanut butter sandwiches when everyone else had to eat the discolored meatloaf.

On a positive note, did you see the 40 year old super-virgin woman who sang her heart out on Britain Idol. I didn't either but I am glad that she has gained world wide acclaim from her beautiful singing voice. Hopefully she will get her 1st kiss soon. I hope I get my 1st kiss soon too. LOL

I am going to leave you with some random shots of Atlanta along with a note to let you know that there will be a couple of new recipes posted next week so sit tight and squeeze your bum together because I promise I will be back in full force next week with a more positive attitude.

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