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09 April 2009

Haha: Are you paying attention... because I'm not

I just realized the blog I wrote yesterday I titled Tuesday, Tuesday. UM, no, yesterday was Wednesday. Doesn't this just totally prove my theory about being ultra-air headed. I think I have been walking in a haze of matzoh meal this week because I have been absurdly out of focus. Last night was a Passover Seder at the homestead. When in the past it has been the direct fam, plus the Zell clan.. this year it consisted of my parents, 2 yo nephew, and I. Let's just say the Seder was blessedly short. You can't do an hour long Seder when the 2 year old standing next to you keeps yelling and running around the table. The Seder food was decent. Matzoh Ball soup is one of my favorite comfort foods, perhaps because I can't get it when I want it. Normally my mom's matzoh ball soup is great but this years those little balls were rock solid and no one likes rock hard balls. This is what happens when you go from schmaltzed-up balls to weak unschmaltzed ones. Also she changed up her Apple Kugel recipe to meet my dads new semi-diabetic dietary standards and that wasn't as good as usual either. I was speaking with my Auntie D and she brought up a good point- why would you change your recipe the day of the event, why wouldn't you test it out beforehand? At least my mom has a year to reconfigure her new recipes.

Tonight is another day and another Seder. I'm heading over to Tracey and Matt's for some good eats and I am hoping that with their south Florida Jewish heritage they will be able to pull out some good Jew food. We shall see. I want to leave you with a couple of pictures. I happen to love them, even if the animals in the photos are everywhere. Happy Passover peeps.

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