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08 April 2009

Tuesday, Tuesday

lah dah, lah dah dah!

I have 2 things to share. Number one: Bella when I first got her.

I was terrified that her saggy teats would not dry up. Lucky for her they shrunk, otherwise I would have taken her for a teat lift.

Number 2: I love Chicken Marsala and since the recipes I have made don't ever come close to thick enough sauce, I have found a fabulous replacement made by Williams and Sonoma; all you have to do is follow the directions on the bottle and add mushrooms. I have a new recipe that I am going to attempt and hope that it is better than the previous tries. I was planning on making the recipe this past weekend but after I had all the items out, and had just come back from the grocery store, I realized instead of purchasing the marsala wine that I meant to buy, I had really bought white wine. This wouldn't be so laughable, had I not been about to make wild mushroom risotto as well and realized that I didn't have chicken broth. Ran to the store, ran back, started making it and realized I didn't have fresh Parmesan. Found some kind of crappy pre-shredded stuff in the back of my fridge but then as I went to make the chicken marsala, alas no marsala wine. Luckily I had the W&S marsala sauce in the fridge. Foiled again.

Thing is, the whole forgetting of ingredients is typical for me. I cannot count the number of times I plan to make a dish, buy the requisite ingredients, start to make the dish, only to realize that I either bought the wrong thing or forgot to buy something. A lot of times, I just wind up subbing it out. Other times I have to haul ass to the crackhead Kroger to get the needed item. Sometimes I feel as though I am a blond trapped in a brunettes body.

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