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31 January 2011


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Yo, yo, yo!! Not much to report in life other than lots of work and no play. Last week was deliciously international. Made a Latin American quinoa dish (not surprising) and ate out at 3 different ethnic restaurants- Brazilian, Vietnamese, and Chinese.

Boot camp is going... going.. going...Today was a blast. It was drizzling and they picked the lowest spot in Piedmont Park for us to work out doing different ab and arm exercises. I love being wet, cold, and soggy in the morning. I do love boot camp though. It's gonna be hard to stop. I love the camaraderie with certain people. It's a delight to cut up and joke with friends in the am. Especially when I don't typically see them that much. If only it didn't cost $270 a month. Anyone want to donate to the "poor lil' jewish girl" fund? I'm taking donations.

Third thing on the list of items up for discussion is my loss of friends. Not really the loss of them. I guess technically I would be gaining friends, but I don't really want to gain friends; I've got enough already. What I am talking about is how my group of single girlfriends are slowly dwindling. I made it my mission post-college and post-beau to find single friends to go out with. I love my couple friends too, but going out with them isn't the same. I need wingpeople. Unfortunately the majority of my wingpeople have taken up with boyfriends themselves. While I am really happy for them, I am really sad for me. WTF happens if I don't meet my one and only true love (so corny). I feel like I might spend my life in odd numbered wheel perpetuity. I couldn't stand that shit. For a time or two it's cool and then it gets old and tiring like wet shoes on a long run.

27 January 2011

Banksy's Pet Store

Not sure if any of you have ever heard of Banksy, but he is a British graffiti artist and activist. No one is certain of his real identity, but he does awesome artwork out on the streets. Read more about him here. This pet store is apparently an art exhibit he put together a couple of years ago in NYC. I quite like it.

I tried embedding the video, but so far I am having loads of trouble so click HERE to view. Even if you don't ever watch the other videos I post, you should defintley check this out. I'm talking to YOU!

25 January 2011

Some Deliciousness for your Tuesday

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I made this dish Sunday night and thought you might like to have the recipe as well as a semi-drool worthy picture of said dish. It is easy as pie and tasty to boot. Make it now.

Roasted Tomatoes with Shrimp and Feta
makes 4 servings

5 ripe tomatoes, seeded and diced into little chunks- the chunk size depends on your affinity for tomatoes.. mine happened to be on the smaller side. (you can also use a can or two of diced tomatoes. just make sure to drain well first.)
3 tablespoons olive oil
2 cloves minced garlic
a few pinches of sea salt
freshly ground pepper
1 1/2 pounds medium shrimp, peeled and deveined
2 teaspoons fresh oregano
1 cup crumbled Feta cheese
couple pinches of red pepper flakes.

Preheat oven to 450°F. Stir together the olive oil, tomatoes, garlic, red pepper flakes, salt, and pepper and place in a large baking dish. Place on top rack of oven and roast for 20 minutes. Remove baking dish from oven and stir in the shrimp and oregano. Sprinkle with the Feta. Place back in oven for another 10 to 15 minutes or until shrimp are cooked. Serve warm over pasta or with bread. I decided to have bread this go 'round so it could suck up all that delicious juice.

14 January 2011

A walk in the snow (and ice)

In case you didn't know, as if you even care, it SNOWED in Atlanta this past Sunday night. SNOW is in caps for a purpose because this wasn't the typical pissant usual Southern US snow, this was a romp'em, stomp 'em, the world has shut down snow. It could have been due to the layer of ice that covered every inch of the world Monday, but whatevs right? All that matters is work was canceled for 3 days.. and on the 4th day we worked. (on the other 3 we drank and ate).

Bella is not really enjoying her outing into the icy snow infested park. She prefers the powdery stuff.

06 January 2011


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Yes, Bella is wearing a penis headband. "Why?" you ask. Because she wanted to. Actually this is part of my gift I brought to our weekly potluck plus Dirty Santa party. The other items in the gift I brought was a small blowup doll that we named Shenae and a mini monkey vibrator. Other funny gifts brought to the party was a beginner anal kit, shake weight, and edibles panties. Somehow the gift I picked was a Curious George lunch box with a white elephant ceramic creamer. Back to Shenae, who had 2 different holes which allowed her to be penetrated. We have some great pictures of the guys sticking a wine bottle through her and drinking red wine out of the bottle. Let's just say the shit wasn't pretty. Especially since it was red wine. I will post some pictures if I get them from the photog in charge.

I was looking on Flickr today trying to see how people make it to view my pictures from the web and I stumbled on a little beauty. Someone found a picture of mine due to googling the phrase "picture of a person executed while wearing a tutu". Not sure how my picture came up other than it's a dude wearing a tutu, but hey if that's what floats your boat so be it. Here is the picture he found. Guess he was a little dissapointed.

Man in Tutu

05 January 2011

I want

Black is the new black

Josh Groban has a new album out "The Best Tweet's of Kanye West". Check out the fabulous preview.

04 January 2011


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Look at me, posting so free. I am here for you... and you...and you... and you. Posting made easy by Flickr.. so when I post a 365 photo I will probably be posting some unbelievably boring post with said picture. Look forward to it people. This is my soul you are looking at.

Blah Blah Blah. So I have to tell you about this funny dream I had the other day. Funnily enough I made a statement to a friend the night before saying " I never remember dreams". Can I please retract that statement? Because the very next day I did. Early New Years Day, after I got a good 3 hours shut eye, did my petsits and came back home, I decided to get another hour of sleep before I made the long lonely trip out to the 'ville. Why I agreed to go visit my parents the morning after New Years Eve, I will never know. Anyhoo.. I set my annoying phones alarm and went to sleep. I remember waking up for the first two alarms and hitting snooze. My dream consisted of me hanging out with friends at a brunch place, leaving the brunch place with one friend to meet other friends at another restaurant, walking to my one-seater car (must have forgot about that when offering her a ride), and then my phone started my dream. I tried to answer and nothing. I tried to turn it off and nothing. I then thought in my dreambound head that maybe the phone was frozen, so I attempted to remove the battery. The battery had a little fluid that stuck to the phone; tried to remove that and it still rang on and on and on. I then walked around with a ringing phone in my pocket and a headache for the rest of my dream. 15 minutes later I finally pulled my ass out of the dream to turn off my alarm, which had been ringing for 15 minutes right next to my ear and full blast. Alcohol and lack of sleep just don't mix.

03 January 2011


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365 Day One bitches. Like everything else I started a day late (January 2nd). Normally "they", who "they" is I don't know, say "a day late and a dollar short", but I am just gonna believe that despite getting my 365 off on the wrong foot, that I will soldier on and actually take a picture a day for 365 days. Damn, I hope I don't fuck up again.

And in other news... my New Years started off on a good foot, which means I didn't puke and was not too hungover for the 1st day of 2011. The eve of the 1st, I accompanied some friends for a birthday party that ended at the Clermont Lounge where I danced the night away while watching old and/or chunky strippers taking it all off. These 2 nights of perfection surely mean that this will be a good year.

I hope you had a fabulous start to 2011 as well. Virtual Cheers to you and yours.