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20 July 2011


Climber by moke076
Climber, a photo by moke076 on Flickr.

Hola! It's been a long time right? Slackers unite. I think only like 3 of you miss me... well 3 and there's probably an extra stalker or two as well. I'm cool with that. So news that's going down right? You want to hear about what's been happening in the life of this ATLien. I'm sure.

Mostly nothing. My "new" job in the same old place is going alright. One of my new "clients" is this super fat, super asshole, micromanaging mouth breather who I don't really get along with, but hey, a girl can't get everything she wants can she? Seriously this one dude is gonna be the death of me and to make matters worse he wants to call me anytime he needs something. I just love hearing breathy noises in between every pause. Guh-rosse. From here on out I am bestowing on him the nickname Fat Bastard. It suits him well. Other than that I'm being treated like the princess I was always meant to be- I mean corner office (I should probably mention it's actually an interior corner office;) though I can see a sliver of window through my door), 1 gig connection (especially for moi), 2 super sized double screens ('cuz that's how I roll), and the constant reassurance of how much they need me. So delightful.

Another delightful thing in my life is that I am about to be the proud new owner of a tankless water heater. Hello environmentalism. Next on my hipster hippy list is a Prius which I would have totally been all over except for the small backseat. Two danes don't fit very well back there. I had this great contractor come out to my hiz to give me a price on redoing my kitchen. I was so amped... new counter tops, sink, back splash, and more here I come. Then for shits and giggles I wanted a quote on the hot water heater. You see that bad boy is tucked away behind my stackable washer and dryer in an unreachable part of the closet. Guy went underneath to check out room under the house and noticed that the hot water heater had been leaking for who knows how long. It was then that I kissed my soon to be bad ass kitchen goodbye and said hello to a piece of equipment that has no bearing on my life other than that it works. I wanted eye candy not a necessary evil. Arg!

On the positive I have a new foster pup. His name is Kohl. He is a 3 1/2 year old SBM Gemini looking for an active partner in crime. He likes long walks, animals, and eating with his mouth open. Interested? Please find out more about him at Smoky Mountain Great Dane Rescue

19 July 2011

Hipster B

167/365 by moke076
167/365, a photo by moke076 on Flickr.

Gonna go shopping for some new chucks and skinny jeans later.