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28 April 2009

Hello Friends

Dear Reader,
I am going to take you through my life one step at a time. Let me know if you enjoy my lifeline: comment on the blog by using the comment button.
Love, Stephie
Stephie as an egg.
Check out those sweet dresses. I only hope my wedding will be so flowerific.

Stephie as an Embryo.
I was a damn hot embryo. Too bad y'all didn't get to see this.

Stephie as a baby.
The first of many times my bro' tried to take me out.

Stephie as a toddler.
I think I was going for a white trash look here. I pulled it off quite nice, I think.

Stephie as a 5 year old.
This is when people thought I was a caublanasian. Hard to believe I know.

Stephie as a 10 year old.
The Jew Fro in full effect. I actually had one larger; this is the light version.

Stephie as a teenager.
Jean shorts rocked. As do taking pictures with trees.

Stephie as high school graduate.
This is before I knew what straight irons were. However, I did know that fros for women were no longer in style, except if I was a burgeoning black panther.

Stephie as a college student.
Check out those blinged out tooths.
"Said she wanna be, One day she's gonna be, Said she's wanna be, Shorty's gonna be a Thug"

Stephie last week.
Actually, this was taken in 1975 and I had bad vision back then. I just got lasik.

Just kidding. about 1975 and having lasic. My vision is perfect or close to in one eye.

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