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06 November 2012

Election Day Recipe

Here's were I tell you to go vote right?  Ummmmmm probably not.  While you should vote, I'm not going to tell / remind you because if you didn't remember today is election day then you shouldn't fucking vote and if you don't want to vote well then don't.  It's your right as a citizen to not vote. Who am I to tell you otherwise? Do realize though that these are the people out there voting:

Anyways I'm sick of this election and am so glad it's about to be over (until the lawyers get involved of course). A couple of weeks ago I threw together a super easy meal and thought you might want the recipe.  Just keep in mind it's not precise (at all).  I'll call it goat cheesy pasta

Goat Cheesy Pasta
-whole wheat noodles (fun shapes are good.  oh and you can use regular noodles if you want).
-vegetables ( I went with asparagus and arugula)
-goat cheese (makes sens right?)
-squeezed lemon juice
-salt n' peppa (the spices, not the girl duo)

-Basically cook you noodles like you like them and save a large spoonful or 2 of the well salted pasta water.
-I then cooked the asparagus on the stove top.  Little olive oil in a pan and throw them over medium heat, stirring every couple minutes until cooked the way you like.  I prefer crunchier and less done, but some people prefer soggy.
-Mix the noodles and cooked vegetable(s).
-add in 4 oz of goat cheese and a spoonful of the water and mix until the goat cheese and water has turned into a sauce.
-add in your greens (spinach or arugula). I like doing this after because I HATE soggy greens, but some people prefer to wilt with the asparagus on the stove top for a moment.
-squeeze 1 lemon over and mix.
-Grate fresh black pepper and then add a teensy bit of salt to taste.  If you salted your pasta water then you shouldn't need to salt the dish much. Use lots of black pepper.
-Eat and enjoy!

01 November 2012

Hiking for Dummies

1.  If it says it's gonna be cold, believe 'em.  Weather reporting has gotten much better over the years.

2. If it says it's gonna stop raining by 11 don't buy it.  Apparently what I just mentioned in number one isn't all that accurate.

3. Pack some type of food in your pack.  It sucks to be in the woods with major hunger pains and no food for miles.

4.  If random creepers on the trail hang back until you start hiking, wait them out until some friendly people get on the trail.  It's no good to lose your life on the trail.

5.  Just because your "hiking" shoes were created for trail running doesn't mean they are any good for hiking up mountains; even the little ones we have here in Georgia.

6. Wear layers. You get hot hiking, but once you stop the sweat will make you chilly; especially in winter.

7.  Drink the water that you spent time putting in to your camel pack.  It's pointless to hike in and out with every drop of it.

8.  Hike with dogs, unless your dog is no longer living with you.  In this case find a log, tie a string around it, and pull it behind you during your hike.  It's sort of like the same thing only you don't have to clean up after it.

9.  If it's raining and foggy in the woods chances are good that the views won't be very pretty.

10.  Enjoy the day!  It takes 1 1/2 hours to get to the mountains from Atlanta.  Suck up all that goodness while you can.