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19 November 2010


Just wanted to let y'all know I didn't get taken by the mountain people. I have however, had a very long and busy week which is why I haven't been posting. I did get some cool shots which you can check out on Flickr. I am still busy so I will get back with ya on Monday. this weekend is a 30th birthday party and my annual Thanksgiving Potluck. Let the games begin!

Mountains Dairy Farm

Fall Colors

the Appalachian Mountains

10 November 2010

Off to VA

It's that time again. Time for this lady to mark another item off the 30 x 30 list. EEk! Technically I listed that I would take one random trip without knowing where I am going. Since my job might not exist in June and I'm already lacking the funds needed to survive, I am wrapping this item into my weekend trip to Virginia and slightly changing it to fit a broker girls needs. A good friend of mine is getting married on Saturday in Charlottesville. Despite all of my friends taking airplanes up there, I have decided to choose the route less traveled; the 8 1/2 hour car ride alone. I got lucky in that I don't have to be at work tomorrow (YAY Veterans!), which is Thursday, so I am leaving tomorrow on the longest route possible from here to Charlottesville. Did I say it took 8 1/2 hours? Well, I strategically planned out my route to be as long and remote as possible so the route planned is now 12 1/2 hours. I figured I could do this since I don't have to be in Charlottesville until Friday night. I am planning on packing my camera and taking in the sites. I also want to meet Jesco White, but somehow I don't think I have the balls to go hunt him down in West Virginia. So back to 30 x 30. My original plan was to not have a plan at all, as in take a weekend and just go somewhere last minute. Since I don't have the money for a solid weekend somewhere, unless sharing a room with multiple friends like this weekend, I have decided to change the list item to be just randomly picking a place. While I have a semi- decent itinerary, I have no plans nor have I researched anything about my 12 hour journey other than moving check point dots around on a google map, so my plan is to take my time checking out whatever sites and shit there are to see and stop when I feel like it. I am a pretty big planner so this in itself is going to be hard for me. Anyhoo, I will get back at ya on Tuesday, that is if I don't get taken by some Dew mouthed Appalachian folk.

09 November 2010

My pictures gonna be in a book

A picture I took is going to be in a book. Not because it's a fabulously well taken photograph that is so beautiful that it takes your breath away, but more for the sheer funniness value. I submitted it to the website and they liked it so much they put it up on their site. The comments about the picture are hilarious. Some people thought the picture was funny, others thought it was animal cruelty. Really?? It's not like the dogs are buried 10 feet under the sand. Besides the fact that they are Jack Russel's, which are excellent diggers, so if they wanted to get out of the shallow hole they were in it would take two cussing seconds. The website people sent me a request to see if it could go into a book they are making. While the photo doesn't really showcase my astounding photography skills, I do like that someone appreciates the humor behind it.

Click HERE to link to the website picture and the comments. Some of my favorite comments, which could also be titles are:

"now they know how the bones in the backyard feel" -RatTrap007
"a warning from the Chihuahua drug cartel" -R. Michael Bortman
"This is evil, it isn’t funny! Those dogs would have had to be held down, they don’t look relaxed, they look scared! and being buried in sand up to your neck, would be different to having washing thrown on you. Sand is constricting, they wouldn’t be able to move under that, this photo is animal cruelty and should never have been put on this website" - Tangle

Oh wait. That last one shouldn't be in my favorite comments. It should be in the most idiotic comment category.

Hope you like!

4 little jacks all in a row

05 November 2010

Happy Friday!

Tommy wishes you a happy friday! See y'all next week and don't forget to bundle up- it's gonna be cold out there.


Here Kitty

02 November 2010

Krog Street Tunnel and BP

A friend of mine sent me the following video. It is a pretty cool time-lapse video that takes place at the Krog St Tunnel right around the corner from my house. I actually have a couple of pictures of Krog Tunnel with the graffiti pictured, but I had never seen the video of it being done. My favorite part of the video is when the cops roll by during the painting of the banner. Pretty funny! In case you don't know Krog St Tunnel connects Inman Park with Cabbagetown. It is a long tunnel chock full of graffiti. If you drive through the tunnel during the day you are destined to see lot of photographers and models, using the tunnel walls as a backdrop. The banner overhead at the end of each tunnel change continously based upon any new underground shows playing.

01 November 2010

Bye, Bye All Hallow's Eve

I'm sad to say that Halloween is donzo for this year. It had a good run and I am wiped out. I wanted to show y'all a couple of pics from the weekends festivities which lined up exactly as planned... other than the lack of motivation to move on Sunday. So if you click HERE you can see who I was modeling my costume on. I don't have a great full shot of me, but as you can see cuffs, mask, emblem, cape, and hair spray were all done in super cheap fashion to emulate the bad guy Red Mist. Here's me:

and here is the whole group of people at Village Theatre before we hit the bars. I didn't bring my large camera out so these pictures were taken from a friend. As you can see there are some TMNT's, a strawberry, the guys from dumb and dumber, a cat, an 80's beauty queen, a grenade, and Sid and Nancy. There was also a sexy prisoner, but she somehow got cut out of the picture.

I will post some 'burb party pics in the next couple of days. Oh can I please tell you that apparently my outfit was not well known. One guy put it at me being ahead of the curve. He said "that {you} can't bust out a costume from a movie that was released the same year- not enough people had seen it". You know what though? I didn't see a single other group busting out our outfits, which means next year when the costume is hot we will have already done it.