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02 April 2009

Flowers, Sunsets, and Sweat

Good day my pretties! I wanted to give you some shots of what I have been looking at lately. I also want to brag upon Elizabeth and my running skillz. First, these pictures are from the gorgeous Atlanta sunset last night. I am looking forward to all the pretty sunsets soon to come due to the clouds from April showers. You know April showers bring May flowers. The sunsets this summer should be good considering the smog always adds a lovely cast to the sky. Ah, I love Atlanta in the summer. Funny enough, the two great things about Atlanta in the summer is that there is far less traffic on the drive home due to the kiddies being out of school and there are lots of great festivals and outdoor events going on. One of my favs, Screen on the Green in Piedmont Park is canceled for the 2nd year in a row. Instead it is at Centennial Park which is haul for me...not really but I tell myself that so I don't feel guilty for not attending.
These next pictures are from a little guy hanging on for dear life. Can you guess what he/she/it is hanging on to? Come on, I know you can do it. This flower was gripping and the reason I took some pictures is that it gripped for 2 days straight before it lost its hold. Such strength, such determination, only to ultimately fail. Wow, sounds like me. No, I don't fail, I meet my goals head on. Like the ING half marathon E and I ran. Our longest training run was 11 miles and every run I would stop and take a short couple of walking breaks, but my goal was to run the whole 13.1 miles and I did it. I think I walked while drinking water at the water stops but other than that I ran the whole damn thing which is especially impressive because I was in pain from some random leg injury for the vast majority of it. Our time wasn't the greatest and I thank Elizabeth for staying with me because I was running super slow and I know she wanted to run faster. The only depressing thing about the run is that at mile 12 we got lapped by the front runners of the full marathon. How sad that they can run 26.2 miles faster than I can run 13.1. Oh well next year I will be smoking those full marathoners.

I want to leave y'all with one last thing: “I hope that someday we will be able to put away our fears and prejudices and just laugh at people.” (Jack Handy)

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