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27 April 2009

Funny online dating email

A friend of mine, *Susie, joined an online dating service called plenty of fish. The dating service is free and attracts all of the **upper-echelon men you expect to find on free dating service. She has since recieved numerous emails from men over the age of 50 (she's 30) and some emails from men who write in ebonics. The email below is a funny one she recieved lately. I am hoping she will provide many more humerous emails to come. Hint Hint.

Said Email:
"Dear Hot_X:
You're so hot, that's why they call this city Hotlanta.

*Name has been changed until Susie says otherwise
**Susie has said that she has talked to some fairly well educated men on the dating service so my off handed and sarcastic comment blanketing all men on there is unjust and unfair.

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