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07 April 2009


I made it to the Fan of List of the Day. Yay!!! Actually List of the Day is one of my favorite blog sites. I can count on Cary to always make me chuckle with his posts. Before my blog, I would mail out links to his funniest stuff, now I can just post them here for friends to check out. My goal is to one day be as funny as him and his everyday quoter's. Man, that is some funny shit. OH well go check him out, you will not be disappointed. Speaking of disappointment, I was very disappointed that it was nasty outside Sunday and I couldn't go hiking. Really it would have been semi-hiking, okay lets just call it walking in the woods because in all fairness I was going to walk around a fairly flat wooded area known as Sweetwater Park and trekking on flat ground couldn't remotely be known as hiking, though indoorsy types love to classify their treks as so. I think the blog stuff white people like needs to list "hiking" if it hasn't already as a favorite of caucasians.

Sorry for all the run-ons, I get a little over exuberant sometimes.

Back to my story, I couldn't go "hiking" because of the impending rain. That's not really the truth. The truth is that some friends of mine were supposed to go "hiking" with me and all backed out because of the impending rain. Since I did not want to go through a Meredith Emerson-like encounter, though I have hiked alone plenty before, I decided to stay in a familiar and more populated area and shoot some urban landscape pictures. So for my friends, new and old, I am now going to share with you some delightful shots taken this weekend in Edgewood and Cabbagetown. I don't have all my photos post-processed so I will be sure to post more tomorrow.

*If you ignore the vampire teeth then doesn't this guy look vaguely like Obama; I think it's the ears.

*This sign was outside this derelict little yellow house in Edgewood. I think the church status is used to hide the burgeoning crack business taking place inside.

* Cabbagetown street art

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