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13 April 2009


I never know what to tell people when they ask where I am from. I live in near downtown Atlanta now, Virginia Highlands to be correct, but was born at Northside, spent the better part of my youth in Stone Mountain right off Memorial Drive and then moved out to Lawrenceville for high school. The issue is that bioth Stone Mountain and Lawrenceville are not quite "atlanta" as some view it but so close that they merge. Being from the metro-Atlanta area, which by the way is made up of 10 local counties Gwinnett and DeKalb being 2 of the 10, how can I not say I am from Atlanta. Technically I am, especially with the suburban sprawl. I got in a fight with some asshole over whether or not I was actually from Atlanta. I concede that I am but I want to know if anyone disagrees with my choice. I would also like to mention that I was a geography major (as well as a Biolgy major) so I will be glad to argue the facts with you. I recently drove through Lawrencevilleand stopped to take pictures of the scenic courthouse. The Lawrenceville courthouses main claim to fame would be that this is where Larry Flynt was shot. You know the publisher for Hustler magazine. Anyways, in the years since I left for college, graduated, and came back to Atlanta downtown L'ville has changed for the better. It use dto be just a small dead downtown until they shot down the anti-liquor by the drink law which brought in bars/restaurants, which in turn brought in people, which in turn has and is bringing in new businesses. They have concerts on the square now and its turning into a small local hotspot. Enjoy the pics my friends. Sorry about the picture of my nephew but I love the sheer concentration on his face while playing with his train.

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