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24 April 2009


Friday: a day of both love and hate. I love that at 5 pm I will be free until Monday at 7 am. I hate that I have to work until 5 pm. :( 4 day work week, where are you? I also feel that americans should switch to 2+ hour midday siestas. Perhaps we should also emulate our across the pond neighbors and everyone get 6 weeks of vacation versus the 2 to 3 people get here in the delightful U S of A. That would be pushing it though. Us americans prefer to work as hard as possible until the are 65 then they retire. Problem is, by then you can't do as much as the younger you could.
In college I worked at a couple different kids camps, Camp Pinewood and Camp Gwynn Valley (for all you parents out there Gwynn Valley was by far the better camp), and it always suprised me how the majority of counselors were "out-of-towners" here just to make enough money to buy a cheap van ( after pooling together with other newly-made counselor friends and travel the US until their money ran out. When talking to these British, New Zealanders, and Australians you find that they all have traveled to sexotic locals outside of their home countries. Why can we not be as free floating as they? Why can we not stop worrying about getting a job making the most money fresh out of college? At 27, I now look back on my determination to get out of college quickly and succeed in life as a me failing to enjoy my youth. I regret never doing study abroad and using money made to supplment my drinking. Now that I have a 8 to 5 I want to take some time away travel but its a bit harder now than it was when I had summers free. Now I have to save up all my PTO ( paid time off, which includes sick) so that I can go on one good trip. This means that that one good trip is the only thing I have to look forward to for the year. Whew, I get sad just thinking about it. Anyways, thats the one rant you will hear out of me today. Thank goodness its Friday and the weekend is almost here.

Did I forget to mention that INman Park Festival AND parade is this weekend. Y'all know I love a good parade. I didn't get my nickname parade-whore for nuthin'. Have a fantabulous weekend and let these cute random dog pics cheer you up.


mel said...

Tori is way cuter than all but Bella, you should have put pics of my brat on here too :)

Anonymous said...

love this post. i, too, wish i would have done study abroad. brian and i did live on the edge when we traveled around the country. it was awesome. we did it again when we went to france on a shoestring. the dog photos are fabulous. did you take those?

Stephie Z said...

Christy, I am so jealous of you and Brians world widespread travels. It was widespread right? To see that much of the country would be awesome. The dog pictures were taken by me with a fabulous lens I rented. I am seriously thinking about purchasing this lens, but I might have to sell a kidney. We shall see.

Seth said...

whine whine whine

Anonymous said...

Hey! Thanks so much for sending me to your blog! The pics are awesome!! Love the one of sadie with the tennis ball. Bark in the park shots are hysterical too. See you at the dog park again soon!