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23 March 2009


This weekend was fun. I wound up house sitting and pet sitting so I was very busy but I managed to get a little fun in there as well. I experienced Ethiopian food for the first time. It was delicious. My friends Matt and Tracey took me. We went to Desta at the corner of Clairmont and Briarcliff. The place was very nicely redone inside and has a cute little porch. I got fish tibs on Shiro. Fish tibs are tilapia that has been sauteed in a spicy tomato/onion/garlic sauce. Shiro is spicy ground chickpeas. You don't use utensils in Ethiopian but instead use in a type of bread called injera that is made out of grass to grab bites of food. Apparently injera is what turns a lot of people off to Ethiopian because it is very thin and porous and has a sour taste. To me it tastes like sourdough bread but some people describe it as a sponge. I like it, though the texture when holding it is kind of gross. Anyways it was really good and I would recommend everyone try it once. I also had some time to get out and shoot in Cabbagetown. I went to take pictures of the house on Powell Street that has all the signs on the gate and got into a long conversation with the owner David. He was very nice, and allowed me to come on his property to take pictures of his garden and grounds that is filled with salvaged metal and garage sale finds. I will try and post pictures soon. He also has two gorgeous great danes. David is great designing gardens of all types and does most of his work out in Serenbe ( another place I want to visit). His website is Wonderfalls of Atlanta. I have another friend who designs and creates great gardens and I would be remiss not to mention him as well. His name is Brando Chonko and his company is called Grass Roots landscaping. If you are looking for a gorgeous garden or back patio, these 2 are great, though I can tell you Grass Roots is much more affordable. Another thing I did this weekend is my last training run for the half with Elizabeth. It was good times but I will be glad when we can go back to running a nice, leisurely 6 mile run after the ING is finished. If anyone wants to come cheer on Elizabeth and I, as well as Brittany and Tim, the ING goes through downtown and the highlands. I am going to leave y'all with some random pictures I have taken.

This is a picture of a random dog I met in the park. I love odd pictures of animals.

Random picture of a dog toy within a dog toy. I just like the colors together.

Bella's foot: you should try and smell your dogs feet. They smell like corn chips, honest.

Not the best picture of the midtown skyline, but I love how the buildings are outlined. All of these pictures are straight out of the camera. I am still trying to figure out Photoshop so I have not gotten around to improving upon any images. I will let you know (probably in year 2011) when I actually improve upon a picture while in photoshop.

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Melissa said...

Tori's feet smell more like popcorn