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15 March 2009

Just wanted to wish everyone a happy Monday! Bella's feet want to wish you a happy Monday as well! Hopefully I will be taking and posting more picture on here, but I found that my new memory card reader doesn't work. Figures, piece of crap wally world junk. Speaking of I went to wally world for the first time in months on Saturday morning to pick up the digital transisition box, because my government sponsered coupon was about to expire and then I wound up purchasing $70 worth of crap and forgot that I was supposed to buy the box. I later went to Best Buy and noticed that while those converter boxes used to be $45 meaning with a $40 coupon you would only need to pay $5 additional plus tax, the price has now gone up to $55. This is bullshit. Just because I am cheap and don't want to pay for cable, or buy a bad ass new tv when I don't want to pay for cable doesn't mean I should have to pay $20 extra dollars just so I can watch tv out of the wall. I was pissed. Sorry to unload upon y'all but it really made me angry.

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