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26 March 2009

Pictures for you

I am random, ask anyone. Therefore I am providing y'all with pictures of Bellas birthday party that went down a year ago. Why? Because I just thought you might enjoy looking at a bunch of dogs wearing birthday hats, eating doggy birthday cake, drinking doggy martinis- shaken not stirred. Can you tell I'm single? Let's just hope that I never wind up being the crazy cat/dog lady (they aren't the same actually; CCLs wear peasant skirts and smell like cat urine whereas CDLs wear high top reeboks, jean jammers, and are covered in dog hair). I will marry a goy if I have to. LOL. For you non-jews, a goy is a non-jew: essentially you. I am just kidding about the whole goy-marrying being a bad thing. I love Goyim ( is that even a word?). The majority of men I have dated are all goy. If I am completely messing up the grammar and syntax of the word goy be sure to let me know...I am not known for my spectacular jewishness. I actually could care less what type of religion my future hubby worships as long as he isn't religious in whatever religion he believes in. I would like some spirituality though. Actually I have been reflecting a lot on religion lately. I think its because I work with so many religious people. I feel like I don't know enough about Judaism. I actually am not really what I would consider jewish. I am as far as my cultural heritage is. I also do celebrate some holidays and do believe in many jewish beliefs but I also believe in other things that are sacriligious for jews, such as tatooing my body. I have a couple, therefor I will never be allowed to be buried in a jewish cemetary. Oh well. If it matters to me in my old age, I can always get them removed, but for now I don't care, especially because I want to donate my body to science. It sounds more noble and I can't wait until some med students carve my body up on a table. OKay, I am going to end this conversation on a positive note. I am going to leave you with a couple of dog pictures. I should probably tell you, Bellas not jewish, I think her birth mom was a Jehovas Witness.

Bella Birthday Pawty Fan-atics

Pinto Bean wears all kinds of hats

Jamie and Kili in celebration mode

Bellas the belle of the ball

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you are twisted....