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13 March 2009

Levi the Foster Dog

I have a new foster dog for anyone who doesn't know. His name is Levi and he is a Heinz 59. We think he might have Australian shepherd in him but who knows. He had open heart surgery about 4 weeks ago to fix a torn heart valve and came to stay with me during his recuperation. He is now doing fine and is ready to find is fur-ever home. Levi is a goof ball who loves to play with toys and balls. He very playful yet calms down quickly. he has been great with Bella, but would not be good with an overly dominant dog. He also doesn't like dogs who try to take "his" toys when hes playing with them. He is not the best on a leash and gets overstimulated by the sights around him, such as scooters driving by, people running by, etc. He is a huge snuggler and people pleaser. If you know anyone who is interested please let me know. They can apply to adopt him through Lifeline Animal Project. He is such a sweetie! (I know he looks like he has crazy eyes, well he does. Its all gravy though. He just got a bath and they trimmed his butt hair so no more dingleberries. This means he is ready to go)

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