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16 March 2009

Bens Party

Whew, this was a long weekend. I felt super accomplished though. I didn't drink a lot Friday night, which meant for once I didn't lie in bed all day which is my normal weekend M.O. (M.O. means Modus Operandi... I think?) You can not believe how accomplished I felt when I was actually out of the bed and running errands by 10 am. Drinking really slows a person down. So anyways I got a lot accomplished Saturday morning and then I went over to my friend, Megan's house and made Cake Ball Lollipops and mini cupcakes for my nephews birthday ( recipe to come). I also went to Your Dekalb Farmers Market to pick up some items I needed in order to make Chicken Salad for Ben's Birthday Party.

I wound up relaxing Saturday night too and then woke up bright and early for Elizabeth and I's long run. Too bad it was poring rain. Elizabeth canceled so I ran to my petsits houses. The run there was nice since at the time it was sprinkling, the way back sucked since it was poring by that time. I enjoy running but only in ideal conditions which means it has to be 40 to 60 degrees outside and clear. Why can't the weather cooperate with my wishes? This is the 3rd long run Elizabeth and I have missed in the last month and I am scared that I am going to suck at the half Marathon we are running in 2 weeks. I think I might need to suck it up and run all week for the next 2 weeks because if not, I just might fall down in the middle of the race and not get up. I actually picture in my mind falling and people running over me like I am a speed hump. Not pretty. Another scenario is me walking while grotesquely large people run by me. You are sitting here thinking, surely grotesquely large people will not be running a half marathon but its true, they do run half's, just like the elderly do. Actually the reason I decided to do a half marathon was because I went to cheer on Brittney and Tim last year when they ran the ING half. The people I saw running and/or walking the half were such a hodgepodge of people that I made up my mind that if they can do it, then I most certainly can run a half too. That being said, we shall see.

Anyways, Sunday afternoon was Ben's party so I drove out to Duluth in order to celebrate with a grumpy 2 year old and 15 screaming children. Ben had good reason to be grumpy; he was sick and hadn't slept well or eaten much in the last 2 days. The party turned out to be a great success though. Kim and Michael rented out one of those huge bouncys that was shaped like a monster truck and all the kids loved it, except Ben who cried every time he was forced to go in it. There was also a pinata. I really believe that pinatas and 2 year olds don't mix. I swear about 3 kids almost got taken out due to them not paying any attention to the fact that a child under 5 with absolutely no motor skills was swinging a wooden stick as hard as they could. The party was a success but I left with a splitting headache caused by a deadly combination of too much sugar and too many kids in one small area. Don't get me wrong, I like kids and love Ben but they wore me out; I'm not sure how you mothers out there do it. I commend you though. I ended out the weekend by going to bed at 8:30. Wow, I'm getting old.

**Pictures will be posted as soon as I get a new card reader.

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