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30 March 2009

Bad Blogger, no!

I have been horrible about posting stuff. Life has been crazy, so I apologize. I know all one of y'all is sad that I am not posting more. Speaking of y'all: I am very sorry for the blatant use of the word y'all throughout my blog. If it offends you sorry, but I really don't care. Y'all is my word and I am sticking with it. Besides, its way better than you people, which is such a horribly Yankee thing to say. Haha. I am just kidding about Yankees. I am a Jew so I go hand in hand with Yankees. Though I am a southern Jew so in reality I eat grits with my matzoh. I don't even eat matzoh actually. I think it is awful and feel bad for the poor Jews wandering in the desert who didn't have time for the bread to rise. I bet they had wished that they go have eaten some delicious, perfectly risen challah. I bet they wished they could have had some french toast made out of that challah. Wow, I think I am going far beyond the boundaries of sacrilegious here so I am just gonna shut my mouth. I wanted to post some pictures of an oyster roast I attended at my friends Tre's house. The pictures are not stupendous but I love to see things in black and white. I wish there was more contrast though. Tre's oyster roast was a bit more sedate than the last one, but with us all getting older.. I mean I am almost 28, not really, I still have 6 months to go, but we are getting older; I, far slower than the rest. The one thing I did enjoy at the oyster roast was listening to a drunken discussion between a devout catholic and an atheist who began the discussion by debating why catholics didn't allow gays to marry. It then moved into morals, ethics, and all kinds of fun stuff that you should normally never talk about sober, much less wasted. Good thing all parties involved are nonviolent and not likely to get offended easily. I am going to post a recipe later today that will hopefully have you all go rushing out to buy ingredients to make the soup so get prepared and put on your shopping shoes.

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