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17 March 2009

Happy St Patricks Day!

Ah, how the years have changed. St. Patricks Day used to be such a fun time while in college. We would be on spring break and you would either be at Daytona Beach or Destin for St. Pattys Day or we would be driving the 45 mins to Savannah for the festivities. Only problem with going to Savannah is no one ever pre-prepared and got a hotel room, so you would hope someone stayed sober or you would sleep in the car. Fun times. Unfortunately, I have a job now and I actually passed on a trip to Savannah with Kim, Ben, Shawna, Hailey, and Hannah:( I just couldn't take the time off work, especially when I want to save up my PTO (corporates name for paid time off, which means your sick and vacation are lumped together in one fell swoop- great for vacation, bad if your sick). Anyways, I am providing y'all with a delicious recipe perfect for Saint Patricks Day: Irish Car Bomb cupcakes. I found the recipe at Smitten Kitchen and it looks so good. The cupcake is made with Stout (beer), the center of the cupcake contains whiskey, and the icing is made with Irish Cream. Yummy. Oh and don't call it an irish car bomb, apparently the irish get offended by the conotation. So click on the smitten kitchen link and follow it to a great looking recipe. Happy Saint Patricks Day! Go out and drink some green beer for me.

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