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14 May 2009

No recipe today

Forgot my written recipe today so y'all are all forced to suffer through more random photos. Try not to cry will ya'. Not a lot for you today; no rantings, no ravings, no Jew jokes, no nuthin'. I am just in a stoic and unimaginative mood. I have class today... should be good though my pictures are not all that great. Again, it is hard as hell to get good pictures when shooting subjects all over a park and having your setting be on manual. I would take some what I thought were great shots only to see that they were completely under- or over-exposed. Its enough to make me want to cry. I'll get over it. Oh and FYI my lazy ass has barely worked out in the past 2 weeks so if you see me out and about call me a fatass and tell me to get to the gym pronto. Thanks a bunch!
Not part of the group homework but I love Sauly peeking out between Matt's legs. What would be better is if I hadn't cut Matt's head off, but I was working with a 50mm prime lens that has no zoom in/out function so I had to take the shot as soon as he did it.

One of my slowww shutter speed pictures. I sort of like it since the car in fronts lights make the car behind give the weird effect of moving but I think the picture is way too busy.

I like this picture of "Running Man" as I prefer to call him. I especially like that his veiny leg is close to crisp (would be better if it was fully crisp). I am going to have to work on my blurred action shot and I really need to use a tripod at all times. I am way too shaky to hold the camera still for long.. long being 80th of a second or more.

This picture is also not for class. I like it because of the extreme graininess which i made more pronounced in photoshop. I don't like it because, again, I was using a 50mm fixed lens.

This shot is showing long depth of field (f14). Not a favorite, but I really like Tracy's expression. It must have been something Sarah said.

Another depth of field shot, this time showing a much shorter depth of field (f4.5 or so), which you can tell by the blur out of Theo in the background. I had some other funny ones of them to with Tracy in front and Theo blurred but they were too close together to really make the photo work so being the impulsive person I am I deleted it without thoughts towards the future. Oh and check out Tracy's rock.. her and Matt are tying the knot soon. Saul will no longer be the bastard child that he is at the moment.

One last depth of field shot. This was taken with the 50mm fixed lens again at a really low ap setting, f 1.8, which made even some of Rory fuzz out.

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