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08 May 2009

Crappy Blogger

I have been a sort of crappy blogger this week. I have had no time to do anything it seems. I did go to Photography class yesterday and learned some new stuff I didn't know. I am going to be doing my homework this weekend and will post the results next week. I will also give y'all a couple of new recipes next weekend. I am now going to leave you with some soothing nature shots so relax, turn up the bird call cd, and focus. Have a grrrrrrreat weekend.

*All images were taken at Sope Creek in Marietta


Anonymous said...

photography class? i am so impressed. i have always wanted to take one of those. where are you taking it?

Stephie Z said...

I am taking photography class at Showcase photo and vidoe in Atlanta. Its a 6 week course 101 course and I will probably take 102 as well. Its fun and I have learned some new things that I never knew, so its well worth it.