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12 May 2009

Hilarious Flickr Groups

So I have a flickr account but right now I only have a few pictures on it. To find me search in people and enter moke076 for my screen name. I will hopefully post all of my pics as soon as I feel like dropping $25 for an unlimited account. Right now I am feeling cheap towards flickr so I am just going to wait out the only-allowed-to-download-a-certain-amount-of-megs-per-month free account, but you never know when I am feeling un-jewish and will pay so I can begin adding all my pictures. Anyway, the reason I bring this up is because I was talking to some friends about how one of my favorite blog sites mentioned some crazy groups on Flickr. I belong to some groups but they are ones that fit in with my pictures' themes so they can get more exposure. For instance some of my groups are Nikon D80 Users, Nikkor 50mm f1.8, and, of course, Dog Days. I do not, however, belong to groups like Granny Panties or Clowns Eat People nor would I have ever known about these groups had List of the Day not posted an enlightening post on hilarious Flickr groups. I ask you all to please go and check out this post. It is rather funny and oh so disturbing.

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