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01 May 2009

Around the World

Yesterday, while I was driving home from work, I realized how very hungry I was. I had only eaten a piece of Banana Bread for breakfast and a lean cuisine sandwich for lunch, delicious but not at all filling. While I was driving home I racked my brain for what I was going to eat for dinner. I was so hungry that I wanted to get takeout because I didn't think I could handle waiting to get home and then having to cook a meal. What type of take out to get was now the big question? Mexican- no, had that Monday. Ethiopian (my new addiction)- nope, ate that Tuesday. Italian- no, cooked up some lemon spaghetti on Wednesday. Thai/Malaysian- mmmhhh sounds good. Thai/Malaysian it is. I called in the order to Hot Spice near Ansley Mall so I could drop by and pick it up as I drove past. After placing the order, I was sitting in traffic and my mind wandered back to what I had eaten all week.

I had a delicious bowl of steaming hot mexican chicken soup at Caramba Cafe on Monday. Caramba Cafe is a tex-mex family run joint on Highland across from Alons. I only ever get their soup because it always clears my sinuses out and everything else is pretty fattening. I like Caramba alright, my good friends LOVE it, but they have the shittiest service of any restaurant ever. I have been there dozens of times because of said friends and have always had the same service problems there. On Tuesday, I went to Cottage Ethiopian Restaurant for dinner. Cottage Ethiopian is in an old Burger King spot and looks sketch on the outside. The inside however is fairly decent and the veg plate is very good, especially the shiro (spicy ground chickpeas). I am a new fan of Ethiopian thanks to my friends Matt and Tracey. They introduced me to it a couple of months ago and I now get cravings for it just like I do with Vietnamese food. Wednesday night I actually cooked at home and made a dish out of Giada De Laurentiiss' cookbook. The dish was awesome and I will be posting the recipe sometime soon so look forward to that.

Thinking about these dinners as well as the up-n-coming chicken rendang dish I was about to go pick up made me realize that I have had 3 different ethnic meals this past week and I was about to eat another. This made me come up with the idea that for the rest of the week I am going to continue in the spirit of eating around the world. Since I have already covered Mexican, Thai/Malaysian, Ethiopian, and Italian I now need to finish the week and weekend off with 3 more ethnic meals. I will be posting a blog and pictures on my upcoming meals. The only ones I don't have pictures of is Ethiopian and Mexican and I might have to revisit Ethiopian on Monday to get a good photo in. I already have a semi-plan formed for today and the rest of this weekends food. For lunch, my co-workers and I are going to So Kong Dong, a Korean restaurant on Buford Hwy. I am excited about this because I have never had Korean. For this weekend I am going to make one meal Mediterranean and the other one is a toss up between Indian or Peruvian. I will let you know on Monday as well as post pictures of my food travels. That being said, I think that you, my reader, should also try and make a day this weekend to go out and eat some unamerican food. Its always fun to try new things and I guarantee that you will like something on the menu.

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