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28 May 2009

Memorial Day weekend

Its been awhile since I have posted. There are just so many things to tell y'all. Just kidding; my life is as bland and boring as always. I did get to go on vacation. Hurray!!! I am going to post some vaca pics below. Don't be jealous! I went to Destin and stayed with my friend Kelly. I laid out on the beach most days except for going out on the boat with Brittany and Tim. It was a blast and a half and I am now rejuvenated. Oh and on the way back I got a speeding ticket for 24 over. I really need to by a Yugo so that I quit putting my pedal to the medal. Perhaps I just need a governor on my car- that would be nice:)

The first morning was so sad and rainy. See those spots, they aren't birds. I have something on my lens. Not Good!

The boatride wore John out. Notice the difference in sky color. Oh sunshiny day!
Fireworks for Memorial Day....on Sunday?

How many Jack Russels do you have if you bury 4 bodies? I guess 4 heads?
What a badass.
Action shot of me peeing in the water. I promise the water was that color before I got in.
Boathouse picture of a crawdady boil. Make sure you say boil the proper way.. say it with me "bo-oil"
At the Boathouse, bras and panties stay. The only thing that is kept is your dignity: yeah right.
Kelly, my fabulous host, and her beau John
This heffer didn't want her picture taken.

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