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18 May 2009


I am so behind. Sorry. My lack of recipe-posting is sad and I don't have my hard drive with me so I have no pictures to post either. Wow! Well, its been a busy weekend and looks to be turning into a busy week. I have so many things planned and I am way behind. I do want to let everyone know that I will be going to Destin next weekend and some of the following week. My friend Kelly is letting me crash at her family's condo and I am so excited; I need the time off work and life:) Bella is going to the beach as well but not with me; David is taking her with him and Hobie to his parents new house on Jekyll Island. I know Bella will be pumped to go hang out with the Weese clan of Labrador retrievers, but I think she feels like the odd woman out since she towers over the other dogs. I am going to leave you with 2 pictures on my computer. One was created my moi when I was bored as heck one day. The other is one of my fave pictures of my brother and his son. Too cute.

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