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04 May 2009

Eating through the world

Actually, I was eating through Atlanta. It was fun, but I gained about 5 lbs or so. Never mind, I would prefer to say I gained 2.3 kg, it make me sound less fatty. I think I am going to start telling people my weight in kilograms too because it makes me sound so tiny. For instance, 150 lbs = 68 kg. Isn't that awesome? Ah, what we ladies do to hide our real weight. Too bad mass converters are all over the Internet.

Getting back on subject now: my weekly eating went as follows (I would just like to add that I ordered multiple dishes for you people so that you (and I) could get a full flavor of the regional cuisines eaten. I still have leftovers in my fridge because of this) Say Thank You Stephanie:
-Mexican chicken soup at Caramba Cafe on Monday (no Pictures)
-Vegetable plate at Cottage Ethiopian Restaurant (no Pictures)
-Lemon spaghetti from Giada's Italian cookbook (recipe this week)

-Chicken Rendang at Hot Spice Malaysian Restaurant

-Hae Mool Paejon (seafood pancake), Bibimbap (rice/vegetable dish), and various free accoutrement's at So Kong Dong Korean (no jokes please;))

-Stir-fried Peruvian chicken and seafood ceviche at Machu Picchu Peruvian Restaurant

-Falafel sandwich and hummus appetizer at Mediterranean Grill
All in all, a delicious and pricey week. I think I will be eating/cooking in for the next month. Hope y'all enjoyed my around the world eating adventure. This should inspire you to get out and try some new regional cuisines.

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