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05 May 2010


I am no longer sick. Hip Hip Hooray!! Despite the lingering sickness all weekend I managed to pull my act together and go out. Friday night I met up with a circa 2004 former college roomie. She was in town for the weekend and in my area so I decided I needed to go hang. It was great to see her and despite my lack of effort keeping in touch with former college friends all was gravy. Speaking of that night, despite being twenty errr... eight years old I have never had an irish car bomb so I broke my irish cherry and chugged one down. You know what... that drink was mighty tasty. Probably one of the easiest "shots" I have ever had. I put shot in quotations because, unless you are me, you probably know it is actually a mostly full pint glass filled with guiness in which you drop a shot glass that contains both irish cream and irish whiskey. Easiest "shot" ever. Probably because I love dark beer, guiness included, and baileys is yummy, though a bit cloying. The most impressive thing is that it has whiskey in it and as some of my friends know, I don't do whiskey well. I actually don't drink any dark liquors due to my odd upchuck reflex the second that nasty shit settles in my stomache. You think I am lying? Not so much.

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