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21 May 2010

365 days are here again and a GIVEAWAY!!!!

Okay so about a year ago, June 22, 2009, I decided to try and take one self portrait a day for a year. Not sure if I mentioned on this blog- probably, but I am not checking.. I lied, I did- but I failed miserably. I only took 58 photos (out of 365) in 63 days (I missed 5- whoopsie). What a lame-O right?? I know you're thinking it. Actually it goes with my typical modus operandi of saying I am gonna do something and never following through... sort of like this blog (giggle). So once again I am going to pre-insert my foot in mouth and say I am trying to take a photo (of me) a day for a whole entire year. Let's hope I actually follow through. No, seriously, pray to your pagan god for me; I'll take unpagan gods as well. "Do do that voodoo that you do so well(Cole Porter)."

So now that I am doing this whole 365 thang (whose album can be found here).. I am gonna try and post my fave shot or 2 on here a week. I wont bore you with 365 pictures of me, but I will bore you with 52 weeks filled with glorious me-ness starting with my shot from yesterday.

May 20, 2010

*Click on the picture to see it in its full glory and please don't judge the state of my floors

Oh and speaking of me not following through.. it has been over a year since I started this blog and I am still going strong (semi). I started it in March 2009 and here it is May 2010. Since I missed my year anniversary of me talking to myself on the internet I am going to do a giveaway. I have a $50 gift card to JCPenny that I will give away to one lucky reader (I think there probably is only one LOL) who comments on this post. All you need to do is write something/anything in the comments and I will pick the random person on May 27th...if there is a random person. Please comment people, if there is any one out there reading this (I feel so alone;). Make sure to leave your email addie so i can get your mailing addie if you win!!


kyle b said...

ewwww, feet!

Mrs Showers said...

Ok I love the 365 idea and as soon as I get my camera I'm stealing your idea! :P XOXO

Honeybee said...

I'm pretty random :)

Lauren said...

I don't really want a gift card, but I did want there to be more then three comments! Hehe

Lyn said...

I wouldn't mind taking an artsy photograph of my feet but I'm stuck with 'kendo feet.' And yes, people out there blog about it.