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10 May 2010

Betty White on SNL

So this weekend I was pretty busy. Friday night I decided to get all gussied up (I would never actually say this word in real life but since this is virtual I will use it to the best of my abilities) and go out with the girls for a night of dancing. A friend said that 80's night was kicking at East Andrews so despite my reservations I dragged my ladies along to the meat market known as East Andrews. I had been here one time before, long ago, and all I remember was being wasted, standing in a huge room, with loads of people eyeing each other up and down like we were all pieces of grade A through D steak. Surely 80's night would be better, right?

We go straight to the bar and order. Bartender, who looks to be about 20 or so, tries to some bad ass flipping maneuver with the bottle opener and my beer bottle. Um, just give me my fucking beer dude. We walk to the other end of the bar, during which we pass a group of men in collared shirts and tasseled loafers who yell out "Hey, Layyyydies". Um, yeah no. We decide to go out in to the atrium and listen to some hopefully 80's music. Queen..Beastie Boys..Jay Z.... what??? Yep Queen and Beastie Boys were the only 80's songs that actually made it 80's night. Damn people, playing with my mind. As we danced to random 90's music my body image started getting worse and worse. Every girl, I say girl b/c they were all about 21, pushing 22, who walked in was wearing tiny cootchie dresses. Like Brittney Spears-esque short dresses. Let's just say that even if I wanted to wear a dress like that, which I don't, I wouldn't because my body is not quite cut for a dress that is 7 inches above the knee. After watching the quality of people, we decided to try another bar in the vicinity with a slightly higher age bracket of people. We went to 2 more bars only to feel like at 28, 29, and 31 we were the old bitches at the bar. Back to the house for dance party 2010.

Saturday afternoon I hung out with a group of good friends and grilled out. This group consists of a lot of beer connoisseurs so we had lots of different beer to taste. The best thing to come out was a delicious beer by Hopping Frog brewery- the Oatmeal Imperial Stout. Very tasty. It was a fairly early night since I had to pet sit, but when I got home I made a concerted effort to stay awake long enough to watch some of SNL. I don't often watch it, since it's on Saturday night and if I don't go out, which I normally do, then I am either having a movie night or passing out at 10 pm. Well I decided to stay up for this bad boy and it was worth it. Betty White was pretty fun, even though every sketch was based upon an old woman cussing and saying dirty things, not that I mind that type of humor much, it just gets old after awhile. The best thing to come out of Betty White's SNL venture is the skit below. While schweddy balls takes the NPR cake, Dusty Muffin is a close second. Go to the link below to watch. mmmkkkkay.

Betty White's NPR Dusty Muffin Video Link

Sunday Morning I hosted my parents, grandma (aka bubbie), and aunt over for a home cooked mothers day brunch. ON the menu:
*Strawberry Panzanella (2 thumbs way up)
*Carmelized Onion Quiche (good)
*Fruit Salad (how can you go wrong)
*My bad ass Chicken Salad ( always a show stopper- haha)

Sunday night- Shake on the Lake. The best thing to come out of this was apricocks. I do love me some apricocks.


Andika Pratama said...

Nice Receipe

Stephie Z said...

It's yummy and easy. You should defintely try and make it! Thanks for stopping by!