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19 May 2010

Not long

So I never gave you a weekend recap and I am sure you want to know just what went down this past weekend. Well in one long run on sentence I will go ahead and tell you:

Came home from work, took Remi and Bella to the park, threw the ball for the Remster, drank some beer with T, took the dogs home, went to the Porter with T for food (fried pickle, pimento cheese, salt and vinegar popcorn, buffalo shrimp sandwich) and beer (great divide imperial stout- deeelicious), shared food with a cute guy couple who wasn't really a couple (T said they are, I say not), did a pet sit, went to Northside Tavern washed my hands 1 foot away from random chick peeing on community toilet, listened to The Hollidays, danced with the 2 T's, danced with random old guy who flung me everywhere, went for second dinner at the majestic, fed the homeless, slept, pet sat, went to taste of the highlands with LoBe, ate food from every vendor, met some nice smokers, drank a shit ton of iced coffee, went to a BBQ with Charles-in-Charge, Nathaniel, and Lind, pet sat, worked on photos, slept, pet sat, made cookies (potato chip with choco chip and rosemary pine nut), pet sat, went to yelp UYE cookie swap, my potato chip cookie won as fave by one of too chef judges, same cookie also won the ugly but yummy category, pet sat, finished my book, slept.

Fun times right??? Just kidding, it was fun times. I hung out with good friends, ate good food, and made a bit of money, in between the spending of it. Now to my vent of the week (actually the month, this shit pisses me off that bad):

The motherfucking Mulberry tree
YOU POS!!! This damn tree sits in my neighbors yard (barely), but overhangs my miniature front yard/sidewalk/porch. This biatch has been dumping what look like blackberries all over my yard. Somehow these little bitches have even been making it under my front porch and have landed on my doorstep. Every time I walk out of the house I step on loads of these bitches and dark purple juice spews everywhere. I can't walk barefoot (boo), nor can I even wear my shoes inside the house since I will track in smooshed mullberries and their juices all over my hardwoods and rug. Damn, it pisses me off. Pictures below so you can see what I am talking about. The unfortunate thing is that no one even lives there for me to bitch at. The other unfortunate thing is that mulberries don't even taste good. Blackberries I could deal with- I love them. They taste good, all tart, and make awesome fillers for cobblers and pies. Mullberries don't taste good, they just taste like bland nothingness that stains my Effing porch. Damn the little beasties to hell and back. Tirade over.

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