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27 May 2010

Winner, winner, chicken dinner!!

I got 5 whole comments on my giveaway- damn, I'm hot- and I will be announcing the winner in one moment. But first, I need to tell you about a very good cookbook that is out on the web. This cookbook's free ebook can be found here. Some of the delightful recipes (with pictures) are testicle pizza, testicle pie, and barbecued testicles and giblets. Sounds delicious right?? There are even video how-to's in the ebook. I know that this is the cookbook that you have been waiting for so I wanted to make sure to let you get the info 1st.:)

The winner is.....drum roll.......comment #2, Mrs. Showers!!! I will be contacting you shortly about how to send this gift card to you. Oh and I want to thank y'all for commenting!! I feel like I am in an empty room with my voice echoing so despite the fact that I tried to promote (weakly) my blog, I appreciate y'all taking the time out to comment.

FYI I used Random Number Generator to pick the winner, I wanted to stay impartial.

1 comment:

Mrs Showers said...

Whoo hoo. You're awesome! Post your blogs to facebook more often (how I found out you even had a blog in the first place) so I can be reminded to check back more often. Love the 365 pics you post here too! :)