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29 April 2010

still sick

What is wrong with me?? Swine Flu?? Botulism?? I have no idea but I feel like dog shit stuck to the bottom of John Goodman's shoe. I woke up Saturday with a really bad sore throat. The past 3 nights I have only gotten about 4 hours sleep a night due to the long cough attacks that hit me. My nose started running last night and it is still going strong today. Not good folks, not good. I hosted Wednesday night Potluck last night and made chimichurri sauce to top rotisserie chicken. The chimichurri sauce, provided to me by friend Matt, was delightful spicy and tasty. I have a ton left so I will be making some chimichurri pasta early next week. I will give y'all the recipe shortly. I also signed up for a cookie-off through yelp and decided to hit my potluckers with a test batch of potato chip cookies. The cookies were a hit, but I decided that all potato chip cookies have to be made with some chocolate to balance out the salty chips that are in the cookies. I might post a recipe on here for those but don't count on it. I can't give away all of my secrets. Okay, I am gonna go back to convalescing and hopefully I will see you here at this time tomorrow. If not, then fuck off. Just kidding- I love you, please come back, no really, please.

A friend of mine sent me this odd Korean video. You don't know what the little maggots are saying, but you can sort of tell what's going on due to the pictures. Have fun wasting 1 1/2 minute of your life.

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