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22 December 2009

The week before Christmas

Actually I guess this is the week of Christmas. I have to be honest: I like Christmas for only one reason- I make a lot of money pet sitting over the holiday weekend. Truthfully Christmas annoys the hell out of me. I feel obligated to buy or make people stuff because they give me stuff. I'm not speaking about close friends or family with whom I love to give things to, but about those random folks- the ones who I work with who I am not that close to, the white elephants, and the like. I enjoy white elephants but also think that I am essentially spending money for myself to get some random gift that I am probably not going to like. The main reason I am not a fan of Christmas is because every person automatically assumes you celebrate Christmas. It is rather annoying when people ask constantly "what are you getting for Christmas", "where are you going for Christmas", "what are you doing for Christmas" and on and on and on. Not everyone celebrates it so why do people continuously say Merry Christmas over and over again. I know some say that it's not about a religious holiday but about being in the spirit of things. Ummmm.. not really. Christmas may be more about materialism and commercialism now. Agnostics and atheists alike may celebrate Christmas for this reason, but it still stands for something. It is the day that the Christian messiah was born- that is the purpose for the holiday. Despite what people say in order for them to enjoy it, that is the purpose. If the purpose was shear commercialism why don't we pick some random day and change Gift and Light day to something else. I wouldn't have a problem with that. I would say happy gift, light, and holiday day to anyone I came across and not have a chip on my shoulder. Instead I get to hear people say Merry Christmas to me and " what are you getting for Christmas". It gets a bit old. I think that if some of these high and mighty times that love Christmas so much walked in my shoes they would be a bit annoyed too. When you don't believe in something, having it shoved down your throat gets old. Anyways this is my rant for the day. Reading over this I have to be honest. The biggest thing that annoys me is the prayer before our holiday parties at work. Despite the fact that all the people I work with know that I am Jewish, whomever recites the prayer before we eat always adds in "in jesus's name". They can't just omit those 3 little words? It makes me a bit bitter and actually it doesn't just take place at our Christmas party. They also do it at our Thanksgiving party and our Easter ( but not called that) party. Let's just say it makes me a bit irate. Yet people don't think that anything is wrong with that. GRRRRRRRRRR!

**I would like to apolgize to anyone who takes offense to this rant. This is my opinion and how I feel. Try imagining being in someone else's shoes while reading the above argument. That person's shoes would be made by a local shoemaker vs a pair of Nikes. Think about that before you get pissed off.

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