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10 December 2009

To post or not to post

That is the question. I don't have much to tell y'all other than things you already know- I am cool, hip, and personable as hell. Just kidding. Tonight I am hosting a crafting shindig at my house. I love the fact that I can actually say "hosting" and "my house" in the same sentence. No longer do I have to be ashamed of my abode- now I can embrace my hizz and it's ability to seat more than 4 people. Anyhoo the crafting shindig is happening tonight and then we are going to the Cabbagetown Artists Market at the community center- I hope I won't spend too much:( I wish I could tell you what I am making but I can't. However as soon as I finish making all the things I need then I will post some pictures. It will be after the Holidays though. The sad thing about my house is that I was thinking about what to do when people come over. Food - check. Decorative bowls for food - check. Beverages - check. Beverage glasses - check. Wine - check. Wing glasses - chhhh, fudge. No wine glasses. Oh and while we are at it- no kitchen table, no blinds in the bathroom, and no dishwasher. Mmmhhh I think I need to start shopping.

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