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07 December 2009

Funny things

I decided to go to a bar last time and get some food to go; I was feeling too lazy to make dinner after slaving away at crafts all day. So this is a Sunday night at around 8 pm. I sit down and peruse the menu. While doing so I notice this guy sitting 2 chairs over checking me out. He strikes up a conversation. I am bored and he seems nice so I talk to him while waiting for my food. Well he is a little drunk, actually a lot drunk, and very flirty. During the conversation I ask him where he lives and he says he's from Canton, Ohio.
I said" oh, I've heard of Canton, not sure I've ever been there though. Do you go near Canton when driving from Michigan to Georgia?". Simple question , yes or no answer.
The guy looks at me, puts his hand on my shoulder, and says "you may be very pretty, but you are awful at geography".
I look at him and say "really? I am awful at geography because I don't know where Canton is in Ohio"
and he says "it's okay, you're pretty so you don't need to know any geography".
I just laugh and say " Do you know what I do for work?".
"No", he says."
"I am a GIS analyst- I make maps". I also find it funny because I have a Geography degree.
Odd that because I don't know where the fuck po' dunk Canton is ( FYI I know Canton is a large city ) he automatically assumes I don't know shit about geography. I do, I just could give two shits about Ohio geography. However London, Oh is a very nice and quaint town;)

On to Hanukkah Shrubs and taking pictures on a frigid, windy night in the city with no gloves or warm clothes on to keep me warm. It was beautiful on Peachtree Street near the Fox Theatre with the snow flurries coming down. Here are some pictures of each.
Chanukah Shrub

My Chanukah Shrub

Peachtree Street

Peachtree Street

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