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04 January 2010

IOU in this day and age

So I needed to drop y'all a quick line, especially since I have been much too busy over the holidays to update this bad boy. I am not going to name names but I had to tell y'all about this small family-owned sandwich shop I went to today. I had heard good things about this place as well as how cheap it was so I decided today was the day to go. Actually my forgetfulness this morning was what decided it for me since I didn't feel like walking back down the street to go back and get my lunch.. I decided that lentil and sausage soup (homemade by me, bitches) would taste just as good for dinner as it would for lunch. Oh shout out to Matt for hooking me up with the recipe- I strayed a bit but it was still tasted mighty tasty. Any hoo I go into this restaurant where I am greeted by what is obviously the owners children.

"what can I get you.. do you want a sample?"says the middle schooler

"Can I taste the mushroom soup?" me

"damn, that's tasty" me, "can I get that to go and the turkey, walnut, apple wrap?"

"Oh you work for the Fire Department (due to me wearing my sweet fire dept sweatshirt with my name emblazoned on it)" says owner, "give her a discount" ( to other daughter).

Sweet.. me thinking it

"$9.10" says daughter

"here's my card" me

"We don't take credit cards" owner

"I only have $7.. just give me a smaller soup, please" me

"it's okay... we will just take an IOU.. just pay us back when you get it" owner

RRRRRRRRRRRRRR... what- an IOU; who does that?? Perhaps someone should tell this restaurant owner that this is 2010, aka twenty ten, aka two thousand ten, aka zero ten. What in the world is this craziness? I only thought IOU's were given to your parents when you obviously would not pay them back but wanted to seem like you are a sweet child and when playing monopoly. Craziness I tell you.

"ummmm.. are you sure? I can run go get the money now" me

"It's okay, we can do that, we are family run" the older daughter running the register says

"don't make a special trip, just bring it next time" says the owner

So while the soup was mighty tasty the sandwich was blah to me, but due to this woman's whole-hearted trusting nature I now feel like I must go back multiple times just because of her believing in me in a world where people running the register get pissed if you are short ten cents.

Sorry for the horrible quotes and horrid writing- I am a bit busy and have no time to think about trivial things such as grammar or sentence structure ;)

PS- I am not writing the restaurants name just in case some of you in the blogosphere feel like abusing the sweetness of this owner.

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