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29 June 2009

Sadness abounds

Well, 3 big names died this past week and weekend. I'm sure you know: Farrah Fawcett, Michael Jackson, and Billie Mays. It's hard to believe how easily you can be taken. Cancer, heart disease, a combo of pills, an accident. I just read about a 12 yo who dies during a bull ride in the local rodeo competition. His parents said he died doing what he loved.

Poor Michael, while his later years proved to be shocking and newspaper worthy, he created some of the most original music out there. He was an icon, even with the bad press, jokes, and stories surrounding him. I have spoken with more than 1 person who cried after learning he died and while I would never do that because I am not that sentimental, I do feel that it is a tragedy to lose such a great musical talent. I also feel sad for him because I think what he was in the past couple years was due to the way he was brought up and it disappoints me that they cute face of a young MJ turned into the scary MJ of the 2000s. I mourn more so for a boy lost than for the man he became.

As for Farrah, I never thought about her much, too young to watch Charlie's Angels, but I did meet Jaclyn Smith at my cousins wedding. I never thought much about her until after her death when I saw her documentary on ABC. It was gut-wrenching. Perhaps it's more the thought that hundreds of people go through that and never get their story told. The part when they told her that her cancer had spread tore my heart. To know where you are headed scares me. I would prefer to die in my sleep but many hear that the end is coming. Billie Mays was the lucky one. While he isn't as famous as the other 2, he was influential. He talked millions of people into buying products they didn't need; what talent. I only hope all 3 are hanging out somewhere playing poker.
This is for y'all.

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