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10 June 2009

Hot Band: Hightide Blues

Heard a nice southern rock band at Summerfest called Hightide Blues. Check them out at their website, free downloads too so you can see if you like the sound. I do. Also I have a big flickr stream that I would love for you to check out as well. Most of my photos are on here and flickr but there might be a few extras there. I have tons more pictures but I try and hide the ugliest from you guys because I don't want y'all to think I have no skillz at all. And I do got skillz, major ones. Too hot fo' you too even handle. What, what ( shrugging my shoulders up and down and making a grimace)!!! Wow, I think some of my former ghetto just poured out onto my blog. Sorry for that. Every once in awhile I just can't hold back the shaquonda in me. So anyways moral of the story is check out Hightide and my flickr stream. Oh and I forgot to mention another band that was hot at Summerfest on Sunday. That band would be Ponderosa and I dug'em.

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