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16 June 2009

Fuego Mundo Restaurant Review

They have been open a week. The service is good, but can be a bit overbearing- might be due to the lack of customers. I was all they had to focus on. I liked the tilapia ceviche.. heavily peppered but I thought it was tasty. I really like the fact that they have some healthy options on the menu. I got the grilled tilapia which I thought was delicious, especially for a semi-fast food joint. I also got the health nut side option. The health nut gives you quinoa, black beans, and baked plantains as a side, plus some plantain chips with your meat/fish. I love that they have quinoa here which is one of my favorite sides I also thought the black beans were delicious and the plantains were cooked perfectly. I was very impressed with my meal. It was a bit pricey for lunch but I got fish and 3 sides for $12. I would have spent that much had I gone to 5 Seasons, which is right across the parking lot. I will definitely back to try there yucca fries and chicken skewers.
-For you vegans and non-gluten eaters the menu says all entrees are dairy free, sides and veggies are vegan friendly, and most menu items gluten free. Also says tofu and veggies cooked away from meats and chicken.
5590 Roswell RoadSuite A120
Sandy Springs, GA 30342
Tel: 404-256-4330

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