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17 June 2009

@ the Drive In

My friend Easy E's birthday was Saturday so we all went to the Starlight 6 Drive In to celebrate. It was such a good time. We got their pretty early and drove into this gigantic parking lot with large white billboards in every corner. There were already about 20 cars in the parking lot with people grilling out, throwing footballs and frisbees, and just hanging out. It felt like tailgating before a college football game only people weren't wearing the same color clothing and girls didn't have mascot "tattoos" on their cheeks. My friends and I brought a pretty good spread of food and had a really nice picnic in front of the cars before the movie. We wound up seeing The Hangover which is hilarious. Definitely go check it out if you like comedies. It is one of those movies you could see over and over- very funny. The movie had all the things you could want Mike Tyson, a naked Asian man, a Tiger, and roofies. Fun times.

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c said...

your pictures are so good, so emotional - i think photography is one of your callings