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24 June 2009

The Braves play here

Going to the Braves vs Yankees game tonight and it is all you can eat and drink. Tickets and AYCD provided by my company- "whoop whoop"!! ( I think Christy is the one who always blogs whoop whoop so I will quote her for that bad boy saying; it's cool, I got super____ from Ardis). Anyway Braves game tonight. Is it bad if I am already plum wo' out? I am so tired yet this weekend will not provide rest for the weary. It makes me tired just thinking about it. I have a busy weekend of pet sitting coming up. Trying to pre-pay for Puerto Rico, the birthday tax soon to arrive in September, the Paul McCartney concert at Piedmont Park ( didn't know, well now you do. It's July 15th. Say "Thank you Stephie". You Welcome), trip to South Africa for the World Cup next summer. Wow, so many things to make money for. Oh and did I forget the big purchase that is soon-to-be (we hope) it's buying a new house. Actually let me re-phrase, a new-to-me house. I can't wait. Actually I can. I really need to wait until I find my perfect house. I have found one but it's not looking so good. Its a cute little shotgun in Cabbagetown. Problem is that the owner has high expectations and my wallet doesn't quite meet his expectations. Well Y'all try and keep your fingers crossed for me and my potential new abode. It will be sad to leave the Highlands because I loooove living there (here, now, whatever) but I need greener and cheaper pastures:)

Oh I am going to leave a fabulous link below for some delicious raw asparagus salad. It's so easy. Pithy and Cleaver turned me on to it. Especially because I had some asparagus in the fridge and didn't feel like heating up the homestead for it. Basically you break the tough ends of the asparagus off, (bend holding both ends, where it snaps should be tossed) and cut into small, edible pieces. Add to that sweet peas, cubed pecorino romano, juice of 1 lemon, a drizzle of olive oil, lots of freshly ground pepper, and a little salt. The salad is yummy, quick, and the flavor layering is fantastic. Recipe can be seen her:

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Maggie said...

So glad you liked it. I believe the addition of peas is brilliant, wish I would have done it. Sometimes I'm just to lazy to shell peas.