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21 January 2010

Googley goo

It has come to my attention today that apparently if you type "why", "why d", or "why does into the google search blank out will drop a list of the top searches for each. The top searches for the phrase "why does" are "why does my vag smell", "why does kim zolziak wear a wig" and "why does poop float". When typing in "why d" the top searchs are "why do men have nipples", "why do cats purr", and the kim zolziak question again. When typing "why" the top searches are "why is the sky blue", "why is my poop green", and "why did I get married"....however the funniest search question listed has to be "why can't I own a canadian". Who types that??? Apparently so many people have asked that question it makes it in the top search box, but really, who typed that?? So odd. See the picture below if you don't believe me. and let me answer the question- You can't own a Canadian because they don't obey well.

On to you holding me responsible for my ass fattening actions- well guess what, I apparently don't care what you think very much since my work out regimen has yet to start. Let me give you the low down of excuses. I was planning to start Saturday but then I had a lot of stuff to do and no time to get it done before I had to get ready for this party I went to. On to Sundays excuse- I had a total of 3 hours of sleep before I left the party house and did a couple of pet sits. I then got a couple more hours of sleep trying to get rid of my sweetwater-induced headache. I then woke up and vegged out all day not moving from my seat unless I was going to get water, food, or use the restroom. I had Monday off so I went to Brittany's Barn where I got to ride 2 horses; one lazy mare who killed my legs while I was trying to get her to work, the other, a head strong mare who killed my shoulder muscles with her having a bit too much go. Hey, riding counts as exercise right?? When I got home Monday I knew I would be in for some pain since my leg, ass, and shoulder muscles were already bunched and painful (its been awhile since my last time riding). I planned on starting up some running on Tuesday but when I awoke I realized that my thighs, ass, and shoulders were on fire. I really did walk funny on Tuesday- the pain was horrendous in a good way. No work out on Tuesday. I planned on waking up early on Wednesday and getting a run in. not only did I not wake up at 5:30 which is what my alarm clock was set for, but I woke at 8:30 which is past time I should be at work. I thought I would put of the run until the night, except that I remembered that I was taking the 'rents out to a nice dinner. No run for me, b/c my jew fro can't handle a shower with no wait time. On to today's work out which hasn't happened yet. The goal is to either run or go to spin class today. Let's see that happen. Have faith in my friend, b/c I sure as hell don't have faith in myself.

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