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14 January 2010

Let the Resolutions Begin

So I made a couple of resolutions this year.

#1) Get back on the workout train - I fell off about 6 months ago
#2) Start eating healthy again - Again??? I don't think I ever ate that healthy to begin with
#3) Run the ING half marathon - This kind of goes along with the whole working out thing. Maybe if I have a goal I can stick to it.
#4) Become a better person and be nicer to people - actually this isn't true. I didn't really make this resolution, I just wanted you to believe that I make resolutions that are good for the world, but I don't...because I am a selfish whore...who is selfish.. and could care less about others..and being nice to them;)

So how are my resultions going you ask?? Um, they're not. I have yet to work out more than twice in the New Year and with that said it looks like I probably wont be running the ING. Not like running really matters in the ING since when I ran it last year I saw people walking about 1/8 mile from the start. Really???You are already worn out you fat ass??? Only 12+ more miles to go:) I swore that I would never do that and I didn't.. last year. I ran the whole thing and didn't stop once despite the searing pain in my leg that started 2 miles in. It's all good though. On to my other resolution, eating well. I started out okay... healthy food, no sweets, but I have since eaten a lot of unhealthy foods like pizza, fudge, and cake. I don't know what it is but I can't seem to wrap my head around the fact that I am getting to become the Michelin version of myself. {hangs my head in shame} I am going to make this promise to you friends... I am going to stop with the craziness. I pledge to stop eating any sweets here and now and I pledge to start working out. Oh and another thing, my pledge doesn't start until this weekend since I have a wine club party tonight where the drink of choice is champagne and there will be plenty of good bites.

I am going to leave you with a picture of Bella the bad ass and Hobie the hooligan in the living room of my new house. Don't be jealous that my dogs live in the lap of luxury.


Christy Hulsey said...

Hi Bella and Hobie! I miss you guys here in the boro! It looks like you are livin' it up. I love the way you painted the walls and I love the yellow couch. Nice design work Bella!

Stephie Z said...

Miss you too christy!!!! So glad you stopped by!! some day i will actually make it back to the 'boro and I will come visit you and the fam in y'alls cute little house.