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25 January 2010


Why do they have to wear a girl out so much? I did barely anything this weekend except drink, eat, and watch some TV. Hey, it was raining, don't judge me;) After the brouhaha Friday night with the ladies and a couple of certain gentlemen I was plumb wo' out on Saturday so I sat my ass on the couch and proceeded to watch 3 movies in a row. Yes, that's right, I am lazy... but like I said it was rainy and cold so I really wasn't feeling like going outside. I was planning on a 2nd night out Saturday night but my friends weren't cooperating so only one night out for me. I have to tell you what bitch I am though. While extremely intoxicated I told a guy to his face that I thought he was pitiful. Who says that? Surprisingly,he didn't kick me out of his house and I was able to sleep unhindered. It was only the next morning that the memory surfaced and I felt guilty as hell on the ride home. I think this unfiltered mouth of mine might cause me to spend the rest of my life as a single maid, but only if I can't get my filter to kick in.

I am going to leave you with a picture of this beautiful succulent garden I planted in an old metal pot. This picture was taken a month or so ago when I planted the sucker. It no longer looks like this since the plant on the far left of the picture has already died and the plant in the middle is hanging on by a strand... god bless the black thumb I have.

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christy said...

i like this pot! i wish i had one. big hug and love your way!