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31 January 2011


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Yo, yo, yo!! Not much to report in life other than lots of work and no play. Last week was deliciously international. Made a Latin American quinoa dish (not surprising) and ate out at 3 different ethnic restaurants- Brazilian, Vietnamese, and Chinese.

Boot camp is going... going.. going...Today was a blast. It was drizzling and they picked the lowest spot in Piedmont Park for us to work out doing different ab and arm exercises. I love being wet, cold, and soggy in the morning. I do love boot camp though. It's gonna be hard to stop. I love the camaraderie with certain people. It's a delight to cut up and joke with friends in the am. Especially when I don't typically see them that much. If only it didn't cost $270 a month. Anyone want to donate to the "poor lil' jewish girl" fund? I'm taking donations.

Third thing on the list of items up for discussion is my loss of friends. Not really the loss of them. I guess technically I would be gaining friends, but I don't really want to gain friends; I've got enough already. What I am talking about is how my group of single girlfriends are slowly dwindling. I made it my mission post-college and post-beau to find single friends to go out with. I love my couple friends too, but going out with them isn't the same. I need wingpeople. Unfortunately the majority of my wingpeople have taken up with boyfriends themselves. While I am really happy for them, I am really sad for me. WTF happens if I don't meet my one and only true love (so corny). I feel like I might spend my life in odd numbered wheel perpetuity. I couldn't stand that shit. For a time or two it's cool and then it gets old and tiring like wet shoes on a long run.


christy said...

Girrrrl, you are a tight fitting shoe on a slow jog. You are the perfect sole. Uhh, I mean soul. Mr. True love is just around the bend. Take care. Love you and miss you lots. Totally a Dirty South Live stalker!

Stephie Z said...

Thanks Christy.. that means a lot. I miss you too:(