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15 February 2011

Happy Valentines Day!

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Did you survive the Valentine's Day fallout? The one where you see 5 million couples walking down the street holding hands, whispering sweet nothings to each other. I know I did. I had a good Valentine's Day with a 3.5 mile run, friend time at the dog park, one pet sit, shopping for groceries, cooking lunch and dinner for the following days, and eating a delicious veggie sandwich from the new place near my house, Victory sandwich. I am tired just thinking about it all. I even got to listen to those stupid Bachelor bitches whine about how they have to go on group dates and how it's sooo hard. Don't you dumb bitches watch the show?? That's what happens, so shut it.

Sorry for not dropping in more frequently- I have been a busy girl. What with working, sleeping, and eating I feel like I have time for nothing else. Did I mention that I fit in a work out every now and again;) HooHaa OBC.

This time tomorrow I will be getting new windows installed on my house. Stay tuned for close up shots of the new most expensive thing in my house;)

Love to all from Bella and I. MUAH!

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