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06 January 2011


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Yes, Bella is wearing a penis headband. "Why?" you ask. Because she wanted to. Actually this is part of my gift I brought to our weekly potluck plus Dirty Santa party. The other items in the gift I brought was a small blowup doll that we named Shenae and a mini monkey vibrator. Other funny gifts brought to the party was a beginner anal kit, shake weight, and edibles panties. Somehow the gift I picked was a Curious George lunch box with a white elephant ceramic creamer. Back to Shenae, who had 2 different holes which allowed her to be penetrated. We have some great pictures of the guys sticking a wine bottle through her and drinking red wine out of the bottle. Let's just say the shit wasn't pretty. Especially since it was red wine. I will post some pictures if I get them from the photog in charge.

I was looking on Flickr today trying to see how people make it to view my pictures from the web and I stumbled on a little beauty. Someone found a picture of mine due to googling the phrase "picture of a person executed while wearing a tutu". Not sure how my picture came up other than it's a dude wearing a tutu, but hey if that's what floats your boat so be it. Here is the picture he found. Guess he was a little dissapointed.

Man in Tutu

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