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04 January 2011


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Look at me, posting so free. I am here for you... and you...and you... and you. Posting made easy by Flickr.. so when I post a 365 photo I will probably be posting some unbelievably boring post with said picture. Look forward to it people. This is my soul you are looking at.

Blah Blah Blah. So I have to tell you about this funny dream I had the other day. Funnily enough I made a statement to a friend the night before saying " I never remember dreams". Can I please retract that statement? Because the very next day I did. Early New Years Day, after I got a good 3 hours shut eye, did my petsits and came back home, I decided to get another hour of sleep before I made the long lonely trip out to the 'ville. Why I agreed to go visit my parents the morning after New Years Eve, I will never know. Anyhoo.. I set my annoying phones alarm and went to sleep. I remember waking up for the first two alarms and hitting snooze. My dream consisted of me hanging out with friends at a brunch place, leaving the brunch place with one friend to meet other friends at another restaurant, walking to my one-seater car (must have forgot about that when offering her a ride), and then my phone started my dream. I tried to answer and nothing. I tried to turn it off and nothing. I then thought in my dreambound head that maybe the phone was frozen, so I attempted to remove the battery. The battery had a little fluid that stuck to the phone; tried to remove that and it still rang on and on and on. I then walked around with a ringing phone in my pocket and a headache for the rest of my dream. 15 minutes later I finally pulled my ass out of the dream to turn off my alarm, which had been ringing for 15 minutes right next to my ear and full blast. Alcohol and lack of sleep just don't mix.

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