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01 November 2010

Bye, Bye All Hallow's Eve

I'm sad to say that Halloween is donzo for this year. It had a good run and I am wiped out. I wanted to show y'all a couple of pics from the weekends festivities which lined up exactly as planned... other than the lack of motivation to move on Sunday. So if you click HERE you can see who I was modeling my costume on. I don't have a great full shot of me, but as you can see cuffs, mask, emblem, cape, and hair spray were all done in super cheap fashion to emulate the bad guy Red Mist. Here's me:

and here is the whole group of people at Village Theatre before we hit the bars. I didn't bring my large camera out so these pictures were taken from a friend. As you can see there are some TMNT's, a strawberry, the guys from dumb and dumber, a cat, an 80's beauty queen, a grenade, and Sid and Nancy. There was also a sexy prisoner, but she somehow got cut out of the picture.

I will post some 'burb party pics in the next couple of days. Oh can I please tell you that apparently my outfit was not well known. One guy put it at me being ahead of the curve. He said "that {you} can't bust out a costume from a movie that was released the same year- not enough people had seen it". You know what though? I didn't see a single other group busting out our outfits, which means next year when the costume is hot we will have already done it.

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